Plywood is a product made out of thin strips of wood laid in alternate directions and then bonded with desired glue into strong stable sheets. A good quality plywood has the characteristics to resist cracking, bending, warping and shrinkage. At the time of application it is very important to choose the right type of thickness.

Today, plywood can be treated with various types of treatments giving the customers a choice of selection as per their intended application.

Our premium collection ply is manufactured with specially treated veneers and are made of imported gurjan which is primarily used in high end projects giving it immense strength, durability, termite resistance as well as prevents rotting in environments with high moisture contents. We have 4 categories – Alternate, Hard Wood, Gurjan Mix and 100% Gurjan. These confirm to ISI 303 and ISI 710. The grades we offer are MR (ISI 303), BWR (ISI 303) and BWP (ISI 710).

We also do plywood for studios / open shooting purposes.

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