Having pioneered the art of manufacturing doors for 50years we are one of the few suppliers to manufacture customised doors from both side laminates to veneers to laser cut jalis, inlays,grooves panels, carving and panel doors we provide almost every kind of door our customers looking for.


Our pine flush doors are made conforming to IS2202 these doors are made of 100% pine wood fillers and then bonded with melamine / phenol bonded resins.

Pine products fall under the eco friendly category.

These flush doors are made as per client preferences like.

  1. Both side commercial
  2. Both side laminate
  3. One side laminate
  4. Both side veneer
  5. One side veneer
  6. Vision panel doors
  7. Design doors


A fire retardant flush door is a door which burns slowly giving enough time for the people to evacuate the building safely. We are one of the few companies who manufacture certified fire doors as per IS 3614 part 2:1992.

Our fire retardant door is made by bonding calcium silicate sheets on both the sides of the door with ceramic wool. These doors are a premium collection made to withstand 120mins fire test as per IS 3614 part 2:1992.


We also provide doors with veneer moulded skins, Masonite moulded skins and PVC moulded doors (membrane pressed). Our premium range of PVC moulded door comes with a unique seven ply constructions ( double core ) and with the highest grade of PVC foil. The CNC router used for this an imported machine and the vacuum membrane press has a special feature of both positive and negative pressure which ensures a good bonding .we have a variety of 5designs and 8shades to choose from.

Laminated Doors

These doors are either one side laminate or both side laminate. The choice of laminates and thickness of the laminates is your preference. These laminates too are pressed in hydraulic pressed.

These doors can be made with any of the three filler options
1. Solid wooden filler
2. Tubular particle
3. Solid particle

Skin Moulded Doors

Veneer Door

These doors are made from a wide range of natural decorative veneers, these doors are pressed in an hydraulic press machine with ISI grade resins which makes these doors water resistant too.

Moulded Veneer Doors

We provide almost every kind of door our customers looking for. Our latest addition is a 10’ x 5’ press giving our customers their choice of bigger doors. These doors are made to a maximum size of 10’ x 5’ thickness varying from 25 mm to 50 mm sweep.

Economic Housing Doors

Economic housing doors are flush doors made with tubular particle / Solid particle / solid wood filling. These are flush doors which can be used for low budget projects core fillings also include saurland spanpallte cores.

These doors can be used for SRA projects too.

Anti-Bacterial Doors

We now offer flush doors with anti-bacterial skins too. These doors are finished with anti-bacterial pre laminated particle boards and MDFs in a wide range of over 300 designs n decors. That helps keep hospitals, pathological labs clinics hygienic and germ free. These finished surfaces are produced eliminating a shelf life and restricted period.

Application Areas
Hospitals | Healthcare | Laboratories | Clinics |
Kinder Gardens | Restrooms | Malls | Hospital Areas

Flush Doors

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