Plywood is a product made out of thin strips of wood laid in alternate directions and then bonded with desired glue into strong stable sheets. A good quality plywood has the characteristics to resist cracking, bending, warping and shrinkage. At the time of application it is very important to choose the right type of thickness.

Today, plywood can be treated with various types of treatments giving the customers a choice of selection as per their intended application.

Our premium collection WOOD ART ply is manufactured with specially treated veneers and made of imported gurjan which is primarily used in high end projects giving it immense strength, durability, termite resistance as well as prevents rotting inenviornments with high moisture contents.


Calibrated ply is a product which is mainly manufactured for kitchen manufacturers to whom quality is the top most priority. This plywood is manufactured in two stages in which in the first process it is pressed in the hot press excluding the face, then calibrated in an imported calibrated machine to get an even thickness and again repressed with imported face. This process makes the plywood very sleek resulting in an extremely well finished product for kitchen cabinets.


Fire rated plywood is designed to resist burning and withstand heat. Fire rated ply burns slowly giving its occupants sufficient time to egress from the structures. It is manufactured by impregnation of fire retardant chemicals through vacuum pressure .fire rated plywood conforms to IS 5509.

Flamability - when tested the time taken for second ignition wil not be less than 25minutes.

Flame penetration - when tested the time taken for penetration will not be less than 15minutes for every 6mm thickness

Rate of burning- - when tested the time taken to lose weight from 30% to 70% will not be less than 20minutes


Film faced plywood is mostly used for the purpose of shuttering by construction companies. The surface film in this type of plywood is made of alpha cellulose paper which is impregnated with a glue/resin. Film faced formwork plywoods have great resitance to abrasions moisture penetration, chemicals, fungi and borer. it is a strong rigid and durable plywood engineered to meet the functional requirements of concreate shuttering and formwork.

Some properties of densified film faced plywood are :-

  • Least amount of swelling and shrinkage.
  • Extensively used as an exterior product.
  • When exposed to weather conditions it has the ability to withstand twisting and cracking
  • Conforming to Is4990.
  • This plywood is available in various weights 28kgs, 30kgs, 34kgs, 38kgs, 44kgs, 50kgs.


A flexi ply is made only with pure gurjan. The main characteristics of this plywood is that you can shape it as per your desires. It is mainly used for rounding , curving and bending purposes. This plywood is made with face veneers and thin inner layers of cores which are assembled along the length of the boards. A flexi ply so developed has great potential for application in cabins of hemispherical shapes and arch panels.


Chequered plywood is a very dense , compact and toughened structural plywood . this plywood is mostly used for anti skid purposes making it a widely used product in the transportation industry

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