Having pioneered the art of manufacturing doors for 50years we are one of the few suppliers to manufacture customised doors from both side laminates to veneers to laser cut jalis, inlays,grooves panels, carving and panel doors we provide almost every kind of door our customers looking for.


Our blockboards are available in 3 grades MR, BWR AND BWP with a choice of PINE / SILVER OAK / HARDWOOD / GURJAN. Our blockboards are made conforming to IS1659. Blockboards are produced from solid wood planks, which are treated under vacuum pressure with strong wood preservating chemicals and kiln seasoned to the desired moisture content, then processed into uniform strips to form a slab of battens, integrated with rotary peeled cross bands and face veneers on their either sides. After which they are bonded with the desired resins.


Rubber wood is widely used in the field of interiors .this wood is made with the swan sections of its logs which are chemically treated and seasoned under controlled humiditiy and temperature. Being aesthetically appealing it is commonly used in the face of the furniture including table tops .


Our teakwood furniture is manufactured using very advanced machinery to achieve maximum perfection and finishing. This furniture is also treated with duco, lacquer and lamination paints.

This furniture can be made in a variety of designs :-

  • Italian
  • Fusion
  • Moroccan
  • French
  • Country style
  • Victorian
  • Balinese

It is made as per order giving our customers the complete freedom of selection.

Do you want customize Doors & Designs